Monarch Club

If you’re not ready for full time retirement home living, come join Monarch Club at Elgin Lodge for daily activities fun-filled outings, great parties, delicious meals, special events, most of your wellness needs, plus lots of friends to keep you company during the day. Live at your own home, and visit us as often as you like.

Monarch Club is the only exclusive senior’s club that offers an entertainment filled environment with trained professionals and nursing care staff focused on ensuring the safety and good health of seniors.

Four membership options to suit your interests:

 Lifestyle   Diner’s   Wellness   Aquatics

Join one or join them all.

Easily affordable. No long term commitments. One-stop convenience for most of your wellness needs.

Short Stays available for respites, convalescence and vacations.

Get a taste of retirement living, while living at home. And if you ever feel you’re ready you can consider moving in full time.

Join Monarch Club for as little as $10 per month. Call us today to discuss how life can be so much more fun, and easier, as a Monarch Club member.