About Us

Kingsway Arms was established in 1997 by Patrick Byrne after he sold his first retirement home, “The Bradgate Arms,” to Central Park Lodge. The name “Bradgate Arms” was included in the sale and a new name, “Kingsway Arms” was created. The word “Arms” is commonly used for a pub that one would find in Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Additionally, “Kingsway” connotates royalty, of high quality or “fit for a King” and this is exactly the motto that we have for our business vision. All of our homes are “Fit for Kings” and they are all perfect for your loved one.


So if you think that Kingsway Arms is a pub, and you think that you have gone to the wrong website, worry not as you have not made a mistake! You are on the right path, we are RETIREMENT HOMES THAT FEEL LIKE PUBS! We want you to be surrounded by warm, caring people who will make you feel at home. When your loved ones call, you can tell them that you have just gone down the road to the pub and will be staying there for a little while!


We are very proud of all of our homes at Kingsway Arms. You and your family matter to us, and it is always our goal to ensure our friendly staff will meet your needs and exceed your expectations with our delivery of services while you stay with us.


Today’s seniors are more motivated and more active than ever before. Seniors have very high expectations of QUALITY, CARE, SERVICE and VALUE for their money. Kingsway is committed to providing “care choices” for seniors that are tailored to their specific needs and we strive to maintain their independence, but while enhancing their lifestyle. Top notch customer service is our mandate.